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Formulate the obvious

Talking about project planning and project management it might sound obvious to state that it is quite useful to write down everything what gets decided. In fact many things seem to be obvious for those who are involved with the project. Usually the longer the time used to prepare a project, the more things get obvious. When the first meetings…

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Planning the planning

In my last post I postulated 18 points of inevitable steps in software development. Now I want to explain some of them. Let’s start on the top First and – in my eyes – the one most important point is to organize the project evaluation itself. This might sound trivial but is most likely to get forgotten in the whole…

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A project plan frame

No one working in software development would doubt that project planning is necessary and important. But one may doubt that anyone knows how to do it. Actually I don’t remember someone ever telling me that a project plan worked out just fine. But I know a lot of stories on how project plans just failed inevitably. And before I post…

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