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The philosophy of a prototype

Prototypes are something every software developer comes across in his lifetime. Usually quite informal in the early stages of their career by coding by the trail-and-error-pattern where every iteration can be seen as a prototype for the next. Later on, with projects getting bigger, it is most likely that the programmer starts to use prototypes more systematically. Some even learn…

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Planning the planning

In my last post I postulated 18 points of inevitable steps in software development. Now I want to explain some of them. Let’s start on the top First and – in my eyes – the one most important point is to organize the project evaluation itself. This might sound trivial but is most likely to get forgotten in the whole…

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A project plan frame

No one working in software development would doubt that project planning is necessary and important. But one may doubt that anyone knows how to do it. Actually I don’t remember someone ever telling me that a project plan worked out just fine. But I know a lot of stories on how project plans just failed inevitably. And before I post…

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